The Project

What’s the purpose of Adapting Lovecraft? For one thing, this site could become a repository for all things concerning Lovecraft adaptations: a good stop on a journey of discovery. On a very basic level, it speaks about adaptations of H.P. Lovecraft’s work, or the wider mythos he originated: about the meaning and value, the possibilities and problems, of all things Lovecraftian. Here, we’re interested in anything and everything Lovecraft, from Turkish translations to Italian fumetti to American film and international videogames. But, like the book it is a part of , in all things Lovecraft adaptation, it is also interested in what these adaptations tell us about larger sets of concerns. Such larger concerns include questions about the philosophy of adaptation and the meaning of the idea of the “Lovecraftian,” for instance.

We aim to be a resource on Lovecraft and adaptation, but also an attempt to rethink the forms of collective (academic) engagement. We’re very much committed to publishing in a variety of formats, from scholarly argumentative essays through reviews and comments to video essays and podcasts. All forms are game in exploring how best to discuss Lovecraft adaptation. And last but not least, we also want this site to reflect on itself, on its interest in Lovecraftian fiction, its status as a website, the affordances of its own form.

We encourage you to join us in this project.